Say it in Six – Shabbat Shuva 5778 (2017)

Shabbat Shuvah 5778 (2017) A Few Six Word Memoirs on Yamim Noraim Themes all taken from “Not quite what I was planning” (2007 Smith Magazine)

Time to start over again, again. – Dan Petronelli

Wandering imagination opens doors to paradise. – Rebecca Perlstein

Couldn’t cope so I wrote songs. – Aimee Mann

3,000 miles away from the truth. – Michael Slenske

Perpetual work in progress, need editor. – Sherry Fuqua-Gilson

Take a left turn, then fly. – Hillary Carlip

Came, saw, conquered, had second thoughts. – Harold Ramis

After your jump, the net appears. – Vincent Lauria

I colored outside of the lines. – Jacob Thomas

Always working on the next chapter. – Milan Pham

God, grant me patience. Right now. – Michael Castleman

Happenstance, she thought – but maybe not. – Amelia Allard

Lived like no tomorrow; tomorrow came. – C.C. Keiser

This imperfect life, perfect for perfectionist. – Sarah Gardner

Same mistakes. Over and over again. – Matthew Oransky

Me: fully reformed and halfway happy. – Koren Zailckas

Almost nothing was under my control. – Joel Stein

Learned. Forgot. Better off relearning anyway. – Brian DeLeeuw

Fearlessness is the mother of reinvention. – Arianna Huffington

Seeking route, not sure of destination. – Gary Belsky

Things happen because I see holes. – Susan Chi

Wildly crooked, unlikely to be straightened. – le the diem thuy

Filled blank spaces with ambitious endeavors. – Adam Schachner

I traveled each and every highway. – Sebastian Buhai

Once was blind. Now I see. – David Hansen

Good things happen to bad people. – Michael Malice

Melancholy marvel at how everything connect. – Lawrence Wechsler

I’m the fine print; read closely. – Kristina Grish

Good, evil use the same font. – Arthur Harris

Do as say, not as did. – Emily Gordon

More than yesterday, less than tomorrow. – Nichiren Nahuel Palombo

Open road, no map. Great Scenery. – Tom Gabbay

Indeterminate. Not enough data for conclusion. – Ian Grant

Veni, vidi, but haven’t vici yet. – Meenakshi Nandini

Hid for a while. Not anymore. – Ginger Voight

I was concerned about my obituary. – James Dunn

Saw the sky and started walking. – Mark Sundeen

Became more like myself every year. – Eddie Sulimirski

Born into a life worth living. – Cher Tushiah

The road diverged; I took it. – Rachel Farris

I will never be quite finished. – J.P. Hoban

Made costly mistakes, learned valuable lesson. – Ricky Roach

Tell your story. That’s my story. – Andy Goodman

These words are yours to keep. – Alec Ounsworth

On the seventh word, he rested. – Stephen J. Dubner

Born bald. Grew hair. Bald again. – A.J. Jacobs

I think, therefore I am bald. – Dickie Widjaja

Me see world! Me write stories! – Elizabeth Gilbert


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